Activated carbon

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The use of activated carbon in industry has led to an increasing need for various industries for this material. In general, activated carbon, activated carbon, and activated carbon are one of the most common forms of carbon with small, low-volume cavities that increase the surface area available for adsorption and chemical reactions.

For example, 1 gram of activated carbon has an area of more than 3,000 square meters. This type of surface causes high absorption and other chemical processes improve its absorption properties. Coal, coconut husk, walnuts and… are used to make activated carbon.

Pharmaceutical industry
This substance is widely used in exfoliating creams and its masks are available in the market under the name of black mask or black mask. Human skin is exposed to various contaminants and dusts during the day, the presence of this substance in exfoliating creams and masks causes these types of impurities to be removed from the skin surface.

Its use also has a great effect on balancing skin oil and removes excess oil from the skin, which causes pimples and acne, and is one of the wonderful uses of activated carbon for the skin. In addition, shampoos containing activated charcoal also clean and remove dust from the hair, as well as volume the scalp. Today, this substance is also used in the preparation of toothpaste, which ensures oral health.


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