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Glycerin is a substance that dissolves in water in any proportion because it has three hydroxyl groups. Glycerin is insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents and is sparingly soluble. It is a sweet, clear, colorless, odorless, and sticky compound that loses water in the presence of heat and water-repellent materials and turns into a foul-smelling smoky aldehyde that irritates the mucosa severely. Making acrolein with these properties is a way to detect glycerol. Glycerol has 3 hydroxyl groups that are responsible for solubility in water. The molecular formula of this compound is C3H8O3 and its molecular mass is 92.09, which has the appearance of a colorless liquid with a density of 1.26 g / cm3 and a melting and boiling point of 17.8 ° C and 290 ° C, respectively. This liquid is slightly warm, has a sweet taste and is non-toxic.

Gysrol in nature is mostly in combination with fatty acids that make fat. For example, a molecule of glycerol with 1 or 3 fatty acids forms a monoglyceride or triglyceride; Such as vegetable oil and …..

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