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What is methanol and what are its uses?

What is Methanol?

Methanol is an alcoholic or, to say the least, colorless stopper with a specific odor and high volatility.

Methanol Letters

Other names (Persian): Methyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, methyl hydrate, methyl hydroxide and wood alcohol

Spend in the industry

Types of industrial adhesives

Use of methanol in a variety of solvents and antifreeze

Production of plastics, plywood, paints and explosives

Methyl methacrylate for the production of laminates, varnishes and

In the production of all kinds of utensils and kitchen equipment, cameras

Formaldehydes (formalin) for home use and production of various resins

Preparation of M.T.B.E to improve the degree of slow burning of gasoline and replacement of TEL

Use of dimethyl ether in methanol instead of cfcs in atrocell sprays as propellant

Acetic acid and its use as a final product or use to prepare cellulose acetate for a variety of fibers and fabrics



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