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What is Toluene?
This substance is called toluol from the family of aromatic hydrocarbons. Toluene is a colorless solution. It is also a water-soluble liquid that smells like thinners (color diluents). Toluene is a benzene derivative in which a CH3 group is attached to a phenyl group. Hence the name Iopack of this substance is methylbenzene, this substance is mainly used as industrial raw materials and solvents.

Toluene was first obtained in 1837 by the Polish chemist Philippe Walter through the distillation of pine oil, which he called rétinnaphte, and then in 1841 the French chemist Henry named hydrocarbons from a Colombian tree called (Myroxylon balsamum). Very similar to the product of the Polish Walter, another chemist from France, Auguste Cahor, eventually obtained the substance from wood distillation and named it Toluene.

Toluene is also obtained from crude oil and coke from coal in the process of making gasoline and other fuels.


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