Sodium hypochlorite

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What is bleach?
Sodium hypochlorite is a yellow liquid that has bleaching, disinfection and odor removal properties and is used in water and wastewater treatment. It is known by various names such as Vitex, bleach, and sodium hypochlorite and liquid chlorine. In fact, this substance can be obtained by adding 10 to 16% of hypochlorite in water. The most important features of Javelin water are the following:

Vitex is invisible in contact with light and heat and therefore is kept in opaque containers and closed.
It has high oxidizing properties and causes eye and skin irritation
It has high corrosive power
Mixing bleach with other chemicals such as ammonia is very dangerous and produces the toxic gas chloramine.
The substance from bleach and methanol is explosive
The use of bleach indoors can lead to respiratory disorders and even suffocation and death.


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